StudentPrint was started in 1972 to meet the growing needs of student organizations for producing advertisements and protesting materials. Since then, StudentPrint has continued to serve the diverse needs of student organizations at reduced costs. To supplement the SP budget, as well as serve a broader student base, StudentPrint began selling lecture notes, thus employing many student notetakers and customer service representatives.

In the beginning, StudentPrint was managed by professional staff with several students on the payroll. However, this changed in the late 1990s when StudentPrint could no longer support staff salaries. Associated Students of Madison (ASM) then introduced a new and radical concept: the student-run business model that we follow today.

As lecture notes began to move online and course readers became more popular, StudentPrint aimed to change the services offered. In 1998, we began printing course readers, which now make up approximately 30% of our total revenue.

Today, StudentPrint has nearly complete autonomy over budgeting and operations. Yearly, our revenues easily exceed $200,000 while saving students and student organizations thousands of dollars in design, advertising and printing costs.


StudentPrint's origins. Learn about the history, motivations and values that have not changed since SP's beginning.

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The main purpose of StudentPrint is to empower its team members to run a business while connecting with the University of Wisconsin–Madison community. We do so by following four core values:


StudentPrint values customer feedback and strives to offer high-quality products and services to our community. Please share your feedback with StudentPrint so that we can continue to improve your customer experience and provide world-class service.