Copyright Info

As a Fair Use copy shop, StudentPrint is dedicated to the highest copyright compliance standards.

StudentPrint reserves the right to refuse a copy/print order if, in our judgment, fulfillment of the order would violate copyright law. When determining whether an order is copyright compliant, StudentPrint adheres to the Four Pillars of Fair Use. The pillars are:

  1. Purpose & Character of Use ("Intent")

  2. Nature of the Content

  3. Amount used compared to copyrighted work as a whole

  4. Effect on the Market

No single pillar overpowers the others


Our Guidelines

  • StudentPrint will print materials if permission from the copyright holder has been acquired by customers, if permission is necessary to adhere to fair use.

  • StudentPrint will proceed with printing nonprofit, educational materials such as lecture notes, lab manuals, research materials, and scholarship materials, which is limited to one per student.

  • StudentPrint will print journal articles on the Library’s database if intended for nonprofit, education purposes such as teaching, scholarship, or research.

  • StudentPrint will not print entire copy-written works such as books, plays, or workbooks. When printing and scanning portions of books or other printed material, StudentPrint will only scan one chapter or ten percent of the content, whichever is less.

  • Due to their stringent copyright enforcement, StudentPrint will not reproduce any publications from Harvard University (Harvard Business Review, Harvard University Press, etc.).


Please feel free to contact StudentPrint about any questions you may have regarding copyright compliance or what we will print!