working at StudentPrint

 Interested in working with StudentPrint? You should be! It’s more than an ordinary campus job.

Working at StudentPrint is a very unique opportunity as students, yes students alone, are the ones that operate the business and make all decisions for it. We’re often praised for the professional development opporutunities we provide our team members, and we excel in future job interviews due to our time here. Whether it’s making a budget for the next fiscal year, planning a marketing campaign for the semester, creating our new website or interviewing a new peer, students are the driving force of StudentPrint and are fully responsible for its success and direction. You’re essentially running a small business in college with a group of other students. Sound cool? Keep reading!

Open Positions

All open job postings are listed on the UW Job Center website found here. Open positions are often advertised via our Instagram and Facebook accounts. We usually hire for at least 1 position each semester (often more). If you don’t see any open positions right now, but are still interested in what we do, feel free to send us an email introducing yourself as we’d be happy to chat about positions opening soon!

Hours and commitment

Everyone that works at StudentPrint (besides our 1 advisor) is required to be enrolled as a student at UW-Madison. To us, this means that you’re a student first, and a StudentPrint employee second. We understand that schedules get tricky with different classes, campus organizations, Greek life or other extra curriculars, and we’re happy to work with your schedule to ensure that you’re finding balance between your time here and the rest of your life. Most employees work about 11-12 hours a week, with managers usually working a bit more. This number can change from week to week if you’re involved in project teams, bi-weekly team meetings, board meetings or course reader rush (the first 2 weeks of every semester). Also, we’re closed on weekends so you always have time off! We have a serious training program, so we ask that new hires are able to commit to SP for at least 3 semesters.


Most team members are brought on to serve primarily as customer service representatives. This role includes interacting with customers at the front counter, managing our (very busy) email account, processing every kind of order, and finalizing sales. Customer service representatives are encouraged to join and contribute regularly to project teams of their interest (see below) to advance the long term success of the business. With extra initiative, customer service representatives can often serve as project team directors.

Aside from Customer Service Representatives, StudentPrint hires specifically for some specialty roles including:

  • Graphic Designers

  • Technology Specialists

  • Advisor

  • Managers*

*Everyone has an opportunity to apply to be a manager during their time at StudentPrint, and this is decided by the team as a whole annually when a team member expresses interest and shows initiative.

Project Teams

One of the coolest things about StudentPrint are the project teams that team members have the chance to be a part of. The team you’re a part of is up to you, and each team values the individual contributions, ideas and insights of its members. Project teams are what drive the future and “big thinking” of StudentPrint aside from day to day tasks. We offer a wealth of opportunities in the following teams:

  • Marketing Team

  • Tech Team

  • Website Team

  • Finance Team

  • Sustainability Team

  • Inventory Team

  • Copyright Team

  • Equipment Team

Professional Development

When you think about it, the opportunity of being a StudentPrint employee is highly unique. Before you leave college, you could have real world business experience on your resume. The decisions that you make are ones that directly impact the success of the business as a whole, and this is extremely valuable and wowing to future employers. Whether you’re the director of a project team, a regular voice in team meetings, a go-to person for troubleshooting the machines, or an inspiring manager, there are a wealth of opportunities here that require an exceptional amount of responsibility.

Aside from the many perks that our roles offer, we also grow as professionals in the following ways regularly:

  • Annual Strategic Planning Meeting

  • Bi-Weekly Team Meetings

  • Monthly Board Meetings

  • LinkedIn, Resume and Cover Letter Workshops

  • Solid Future References

Work Environment

The StudentPrint team is like a family. Everyone hired to the team is expected to be equally passionate about the success of the business, and we make sacrifices to ensure we achieve that success. There’s always a lot going on at work, so you shouldn’t worry about getting bored. There’s always music playing, printers running, people chatting and the front counter bell ringing. You’ll make great friends here, some often life-lasting. We often hold team member socials, holiday secret santa exchanges and white elephants, friendsgiving parties and off-site senior send off retreats. We want you to have fun with us here!

Hiring Process

Our hiring process is intensive and unique. We want to find people who we know will be equally passionate about the business as we are. When meeting basic qualifications via resume and cover letter submission, you will be interviewed by a group of StudentPrint team members to guage not only your professional experience and ability, but also interest and fit with our team culture to ensure that you will be happy here. If you’re applying for a specialty role, you may be asked to complete a practical assessment along with your interview and submit a portfolio of work.